Plant full view

Contents of Plant

  • Resaving Unit
  • Greases, Oil and Grit Removal GOS
  • Mixing Unit
    • Fast Mixing Tank
    • Slow Mixing Tank
  • Clarifier
  • Equalizer Tank
  • Pressure Sand Filter
  • Drying Beds
  • Sampling, Dilution and Final Tank
  • Control Room
  • Laboratory

Location of Plant

  • Industrial Zone – Gamasa, International Company for Chemical Industries.

Capacity of Plant

  • First Phase: 1200 m3/day
  • Second Phase: 2500 m3/day

Goal of the station

  • Handle all liquid wastes, which contain high amounts of pollutants that can not be disbursed to the water (fresh or Salted) and sewage systems public, but after treatment and matching the laws of the environment and health of the Organization of the waste and in particular to address irregularities resulting from the drilling Waste oil and gas companies, petroleum and various industrial activities.


  • The wastewater treatment plant was provided with a high tech. lab. for testing the chemical and physical analysis for raw water and treated water to help in processing and make more controlling for reaching high quality treatment of raw water after removing all the pollutants.